Frequently Asked Questions

The distance to the yurt is a little less than 2 1/2 miles.  The elevation change is approximately 400 feet from the trailhead to the yurt, which is at 10,600 feet elevation.

FOR THE 2021/2022 SEASON, COVID19 PRECAUTIONS:  BLANKETS & PILLOWS, WILL NOT BE PROVIDED AT THE YURT. GUESTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN BEDDING. For your convenience, we are providing a clean, sanitized, fitted sheet to cover the mattress for your visit.   Place sheet in laundry bag upon departure.  WE WILL HAVE KITCHEN TOWELS, DISHCLOTHES & SPONGES FOR YOUR USE.  PLEASE PLACE USED KITCHEN TOWELS AND DISHCLOTHES IN THE LAUNDRY BAG.


Past Policy:  YES bring sheets or a sleeping bag!  We provide blankets and pillows BUT you will need to bring either a set of sheets & pillowcases or a light sleeping bag.  We have provided sheets in the past but are no longer doing so.  FYI We have a queen bed, a double bed and two single beds at the yurt.  We have down or synthetic comforters for the beds that you can use.

The snow is your drinking water!  There is a “clean snow bucket” in the yurt to gather snow with and a large metal pan to melt your snow on top of the wood stove.  Please make sure your treat your water or filter it.

Out of consideration for everyone who stays at the yurt, please leave your dog at home.  In the winter, the snow is your drinking water and it is important to keep it clean.  We have a policy of “no yellow snow” (or other colors!) around the yurt.

The time it takes to get to the yurt depends on many factors including the weather, the condition of the trail (broken or unbroken), your fitness level, the equipment you use or your group.  In general, you can plan on 2 to 3 hours to get to the yurt.  Plan extra time if you are using snowshoes, have children in your group or need to break trail after a storm.  We recommend starting at the trailhead no later than noon, so that you can get to the yurt before the sun sets (yes it can set over the ridge by the yurt as early as 3 or 4 pm) and get a fire going before dark.


Please Note Check-In and Check-Out Times during the 2021/2022 Season:  

WE HAVE SCHEDULED 3 TO 4 HOURS BETWEEN GUESTS so that the yurt can be aired out to avoid the airborne spread of the corona virus and to eliminate overlap of groups at the yurt. We will also service the yurt during these times.   CHECK-IN TIME IS BETWEEN 2 AND 2:30 PM, AND CHECK-OUT TIME IS BETWEEN 10:30 and 11 am.


The north/south ridge behind the yurt, called Pinrealosa Mountain, is ideal for tele skiers looking for some blue runs.  You can skin up the ridge and then crank some turns through the open glades back down to the highway, for about 800 to 900 feet of vertical.  For more challenging terrain, there is a steeper run directly behind the yurt through the trees.

The area in Spruce Hole is a cross-country skier’s paradise with rolling hills, woods and open meadows and ridges.  There is plenty of kick and glide country available and lots of four wheel drive roadbeds to follow.  On the higher terrain, you’ll enjoy views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, the Conejos River canyon and the South San Juan mountains. 

The Spruce Hole Yurt is ideal for beginners.  It is a short distance to the yurt and has little elevation gain.  If you have never winter camped, though, we ask that you go to the yurt with someone who is experienced.