Spruce Hole Yurt

Whether it’s a romantic rendezvous with your sweetheart, a trip with your family or an all out telemark adventure with your friends, plan your fall or winter getaway to the enchanting high country today.  We offer deluxe backcountry yurt rental in the snowy southern San Juan mountains, made possible with the cooperation of the Rio Grande National Forest, US Forest Service.   

Know Before you Go Links:  

**Weather:  La Manga Pass, CO at weather.gov      

**Snow Depth at Cumbres Pass:   Cumbres Trestle SNOTEL

**WEB CAM at La Manga Pass  (Located 1/2 mile away from the Spruce Hole trailhead.)

COVID19 Policies & Safety Precautions

The best place to social distance is at the Spruce Hole Yurt this fall and winter!  We're concerned about your health and safety and are taking extra precautions and changing our policies for our guests:

  • BLANKETS & PILLOWS, KITCHEN TOWELS, DISHCLOTHES OR SPONGES, WILL NOT BE PROVIDED AT THE YURT. GUESTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN BEDDING & KITCHEN LINENS.  For your convenience, we will provide a clean, sanitized, mattress cover for your visit.   
  • CLEANING & DISINFECTING THE YURT:  Guests are expected to clean and disinfect surfaces frequently touched (door & woodstove handles, countertops, light fixture & stove knobs, etc.) upon arrival, and upon departure.   Alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be provided at the yurt, although we recommended that guests also bring their own hand sanitizer
  • We have scheduled a day in-between guests visits so that the yurt can be aired out to avoid the airborne spread of the corona virus and to eliminate overlap of groups at the yurt. We will also service the yurt during these times.  Check-in and Check-out time is the same - 12 noon.  Expect a cold Yurt upon arrival.
  • WATER: You are responsible for making your own drinking water potable.   Snow is your water source.
  • CLEANING DISHES:  Use the 3 Basin Sanitizing System: 1. Hot Water & Soap 2. Warm Rinse 3. Sanitize with 2 Teaspoons Bleach for 1 Gallon of Warm Water.  Bleach and basins will be provided.
  • PROCEDURES:   New Check-in and Check-out lists will be posted at the yurt.  We ask all guests to complete the checklist for everyone’s safety.
  • CANCELATIONS & RESCHEDULING: If you or someone in your party has had contact with someone with COVID19, has developed COVID19 symptoms, or believe they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus in another way, please feel free to contact us for rescheduling or to cancel your trip.   We will be happy to reschedule your trip for sometimne before the end of the year.  We will be happy to refund your trip minus a 3% non-refundable credit card fee. 
  • WAITING LIST:  This season we will be maintaining a waiting list.  Please call or email us if you want to be on this list in case of cancelations.  Call or text 575-756-2746 or email:  spruceholeyurt@gmail.com.